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Messier 51 and first light for my Orion Optics 250mm rebuild.

This LRGB image is the result of 3 hrs of imaging with many lost subs due to cloud and some RA imbalance issues. Probably only 1.5hrs with most of those softened by clouds. This results in a noisy and more washed out image than I would have liked. Still, compared to my first attempts, 14 yrs ago, it's not bad.

Imaged with the ASI1600MM-Pro, ZWO filters, Lacerta Komakorr Coma Corrector. modified Orion Optics 250mm Next on the CEM70G.

This was first-light for my refurbished scope the Orion Optics 250mm newt. I had the mirrors re-silvered last summer, I flocked the tube and replaced the focuser for a Skywatcher low-profile Crayford. I've just finished making a brace for the rings - to stop ring wobble - which it does very well.

The Lacerta Komakorr Coma Corrector is a big improvement over Skywatcher 0.9 CC. Sharpness has improved across the image, its very noticeable. Continue reading "Messier 51 and first light for my Orion Optics 250mm rebuild."